Monday, October 31, 2016

The Foyer Ta Dah!

Welcome to our home.
If you were to come for a visit, this is the door you would enter to walk into our home.
Dave is working on building steps for the entrance. 
They would have been finished, along with a lot more, had he not had two surgeries this summer that held us back.  That's ok, I needed a break anyway!

This picture was taken on June 5, 2016.  We were laying hardwood floor.
 You can see here how I would lay a few rows out in the evening while he was at work, and he would nail them down the next day.
 When I wasn't helping lay hardwood floor, I was painting trim.  This house has A LOT of trim.

I. could. not. wait. to. be. done. painting. PERIOD!
 This was the last closet to be finished on the main level of our house. 

It's hard to write on OSB.  Here's what it says...
It is June 5, 2016.  This is the last closet to lay hardwood floor.  Once this is done this level of the house will be finished, besides trim in the foyer.  It's been a long haul but we did it!  We started on this house in 2010.  Moved into the basement (one room) in 2012.  We built most of it ourselves.  I pray we are here a long, long time.  I pray the next home owners love this place as much as we do.  Bless all who enter our home.  Love & Peace Cindy & Dave Rush 
This was written on the floor in the closet on the left front.  The door (left-back) is a bathroom door. 
And here is the
When you step inside, you step into the foyer.
The open area to the right (center) is our kitchen entry.
Straight back is our dining area.  Dining/Living Room.
Here is a picture standing at the other end of the foyer, looking at the entry door.
That chandelier.....
  Yep, this one...was found in someone's trash pile by the curb!  It was bronze.  So Dave painted it cream, rubbed some of the cream off of it to give it that vintage look, I put the crystals on it, and we love it!

  We bought this light in one of the quaint little stores in the Ft. Walton Beach area when we went on vacation back in May.
 I had this piece of furniture (below) in the dining room to begin with, but moved it to the foyer. 
I got it a few years ago at a garage sale.  I can't remember for sure, but I think I paid $40 dollars for it.  I do remember she threw in a nice sized jar of her "grandmother's buttons" with the furniture!  I would have charged that much for my grandmother's buttons!  Not really, I wouldn't have gotten rid of my Grandmother's buttons!  Anyway, the picture above the furniture is a Patty Host autographed print, of the Seiberling Mansion, which is in our town.  You've seen me do many posts on the mansion.  It's where Dave and I got married.
I love the way lamps around the house create a glow.  They are great for a cozy ambience for morning and evening.
 The door on the left by the dining room entry leads upstairs.  The door on the right, is a coat closet.

The picture below is a month old.  It's when I originally had the buffet in here instead of the dining room.  (I'm not even going to try to explain)  The point of the picture is the bathroom door, when you first walk into the house.  To the left.  Right when you walk in!  The door on the right leads into the office/mudroom area.

 We have so many doors in our foyer, that when we would entertain people would forget which door was the restroom door.  We found this sign in Nashville, IN, and it hangs over the half bath door.

 I thought I'd show you inside the little half bath, while we are visiting the foyer.  This bat hangs in our little half bath!  We also bought it in Nashville, many years ago.  The old medicine chest came from a friend who moved to Florida.  She was selling a lot of her household items and we bought some.

 We purchased this mirror at a yard sale years ago, for $10, and held onto it as we knew we wanted to put it in this bathroom because we knew it would match the vanity.
 It's a very small bathroom and hard to get good pictures....
 We bought the vanity at Lowe's.
 The two medicine cabinets we bought from my friend along with the other one, the boy scout first aid kit, I think I bought it at a yard sale. 

This guy we bought at the Cincinnati Flower Show, back when we used to go to the Cincinnati Flower Show years ago.  We had him up at our other house.
You might think we have 'odd' stuff up in our house.  Maybe we do.  We like antique, artsy, different types of things.  It's more of a collection of things from people or places, rather than going into town and buying stuff to decorate our home.

Ok we don't have a collection of toilets!!!  LOL! 
I wanted to show you this seat, that did NOT come with this toilet.  We bought it separately.
Oh, and I guess you do get to see the floor this way.  It is called Luxury Vinyl Tile and I love it as it is so easy to clean.
So, back to the toilet seat.  And maybe you all have had these forever, but I haven't!  You snap these do- dads up that cover the little bolts that bolt the seat down.
Then pull it towards you to take the entire seat off to clean it!
Then just slide them back on...and push the covers back down.  They snap into place.  Voila'!
So that's it for the Foyer and Half-Bath, along with a little cleaning lesson on toilet seats!

Peace & Love and
Happy Halloween!


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Clean up in the nature area!

Dave has been doing some 'clean up' gardening. 
I've showed you some of these pictures before of the tornado damage.
That pole WAS a bird feeder.  A very nice bird feeder btw.
One of the first things I did after the tornado was go look for my "bird girl!"  We moved her up here, from the basement patio, THE DAY BEFORE!!!! Actually, the NIGHT before.  Our neighbors stopped by the night before and the guys went and got the neighbors tractor and moved her up.  (any excuse to get out a tractor right?)

See that opening behind the pole in the picture below....
I still get choked up when I think about the damage that did NOT happen.
Robert (Vickie's husband) and My Shug cleaning up the mess. 

THIS (below) was the view outside my kitchen window last Saturday. 
 and now!
 This is the view outside my kitchen window!

Pretty Nice, Huh?


Monday, August 29, 2016

Several tornadoes hit our town

It is with grief, and gratitude that I write this post.
Grief for the many people in Kokomo that have lost their homes. 
Gratitude that all of the damage you will see in these pictures, are just of trees, it could have easily been our home, our cars, or us.

Kokomo had several tornadoes last Wednesday.

Dave and I were out of town, and my phone started beeping.
Friends texting....
Were you at Starbucks?
Did you hear Starbucks was flattened?
Mom texted, "we are ok."
Then a friend texted, did you hear a tornado went through Kokomo.  Several people were in Starbucks at the Mall.  They made them all get in the bathroom.  Starbucks was flattened but they survived.  I told Dave and we headed home.

Then this was sent to me as we were driving home.

While we were driving home, about twenty minutes away, another warning was going off on the radio, and this time the tornado was coming right to our home.   As Dave was driving he told me to keep an eye out west for the tornado.  We saw emergency vehicles with people standing outside looking in the air.

We got home, I grabbed the dog and headed  to the basement, and Dave went to the porch to see if he could see anything.  I was watching the tornado on TV in the basement and they said it was coming to Cassville.  That's our area.  I heard Dave running down the stairs and I knew it was here.

He opened the outside basement door and could barely get it closed.  (I've yet to ask him why he did that!)  Then he said, "we need to get in the bathroom."  I was very afraid.
The lights started blinking, the power went out, and five minutes later it was over. 
We went outside to this....
See why I'm grateful?  This is a limb from a huge tree in our front yard.  It missed our house.
More pictures from around our house.

Dave was standing here, checking the sky, five minutes before it hit.   
Below is right outside our kitchen window.  We had just finished a nature garden area. 

The pole below had a rather nice size bird feeder on it that we found in our side yard.

And the neighbor came over with his tractor and moved my "bird girl" statue the day before the tornado hit, and look and she is still standing.
Below is the rootball from a tree that was uprooted right on the inside of our woods.
  I'm standing in the same spot where I took both of these pictures.
And this is from our back door.  You can see how close the woods is from where we park our cars.
So you can see how fortunate we were..  These huge trees were this close to our house, all the way around, and we were spared.
This is in the path through the woods from our house....

To Coral Belle.  And she is just fine!
  This was a tree limb that fell across our driveway.
And our neighbor has a backhoe and came over right after the storm, in the rain, and started moving limbs out of peoples driveways. 
You can see the path the tornado took through our woods right across the road.

Large trees snapped in two or bent double.
 This was the view from the West side of our woods where the tornado went through.  Of course, power lines were down everywhere, and we couldn't get beyond the trees in the road.

The tornado came out from our woods, went over our pond and took some trees around our pond with it, then went back in our woods on the other side of the pond. 
 These are the roads east and west of our house, right after the storm.
Of course, the trees took the power lines down.  But peeps, we were only without power for a day.  One day.   

And our neighbors with backhoes, came over and cleared what they could. 
Working together.

After the tornado went through, and the rain stopped, a neighbor came over and started on our trees with a chain saw....
the next day another neighbor came over with a chain saw,
and another with a back hoe that he borrowed from his son. 
 On Friday a friend came over and we all raked for about four hours.  We are exhausted, but our front yard is back in order.
 Yesterday my cousin Vickie and her husband came over and the men worked all afternoon and Vickie and I cleaned up the patio and driveway.  Debris is just everywhere.  And it has rained every day since the tornado.  And every time the wind blows more debris comes down.
We still have a mess to clean up.  Like Vickie said, pictures are one thing...but when you see it, you realize.  I realize we were lucky.  We are tired (exhausted) but we have a home.

Any time I talk to my friends, we are all grief stricken.  There are so many without homes.  It seems everyone knows someone without a home now. Our town has set up a shelter and it's FULL.  Peoples pets are being housed in cages at a temporary place set up by Red Cross.  There is a place set up for all of the donations and it looks very organized.  Like a store.    Two high school football teams (Kokomo and Hamilton Heights) were suppose to play each other at Lucas Oil Stadium Friday evening.  Instead of having the game, the two teams worked together that day, in the hardest hit area of our town.  They were honored at the Colts football game.  There have been volunteers from other areas, neighboring towns, helping us out.  I get a lump in my throat just talking about it. 

I've only been in town once since this happened.  Out of respect for the people who have lost everything, I did not take any pictures.  You can see it on the news. 

I just hope everyone knows how much their help is appreciated, at our house, and in our town.