Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hardwood flooring upstairs

It's been awhile since I've posted on this blog. 
in the proverbial sense....
whatever that means....
I don't talk that way....
who does?
DAVE...(not we)
has been laying hardwood flooring upstairs.
After he painted this stairwell...all by himself.
I won't even say how he did it.
Because I can't explain it, nor can I find any pictures that I took.
Which I know I did.
One thing I have been doing, is carrying flooring upstairs.
A little bit at a time.

It's heavy.
It's hard to tell because we have most of it covered,
but he has two bedrooms finished.


 and is working in this closet.

 I have been doing other things around the house.
I decided to do some bathroom decorating.
I  took this spaghetti jar
and painted the inside of it with Coral Belle paint.
(I still have half a gallon of this paint)
 I've had the jar of cotton for the last ten years, at least. I used it in the bathroom at the house in town, before it was popular (or not) to decorate with! I grew it and picked it myself, back when I was VERY into gardening.

 So this is the shelf by our bathtub.  
I still need something on the wall above, but it will come.
I think I'll go soak in the tub and enjoy my little bit of decorating....
as it's hard work carrying flooring upstairs.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Priming the walls upstairs

Finally!!!  We are priming and painting the walls upstairs.
 This is the front bedroom...the one everyone wants because it has a balcony.

 And here is a hint for you.  When you are painting new drywall, use a primer first, and have it tinted.  But make sure you only tint it a portion of the color you will be painting.  For example, we are painting the walls all the same color in the house.  Creamy.  I know...boring.  But if you've made the decisions I've made in the last few years....
So, we had the primer tinted 80% of the Creamy color.  Now when we paint with the Creamy paint, we will still see where we painted, and it will go on smoothly because we primed the walls first.  If you don't prime first, you'll be painting two coats with paint because the first coat gets sucked up into the drywall, and primer is cheaper.
Have a great day!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Drywalling the upstairs bedroom

 While I was on vacation, Dave started dry walling the upstairs.  Which he knew I wanted to hire done.  So, I'm guessing he waited for me to leave, and asked Vickie's husband, Robert, to help him carry it upstairs....
 and he spent the week  hanging drywall.  This is the front bedroom.
 Which is where the balcony is located.

He's been up there every day since I've returned.  Hanging drywall.  I'm staying downstairs because one person dragging drywall dust through the house is enough!


Friday, March 17, 2017

Upstairs cozy nook and behind the scenes

I'm going to show you a secret!  When you go to someone's home, and you see a partial wall sticking out, such as this one (below), it's usually  because there is something inside it such as plumbing or heat duct.  Sometimes you will notice a "box out" along the top of a ceiling.  That's usually heat duct.  This is in the closet that we enlarged upstairs.  We had to run some plumbing from the bathroom below it, which is right below it.  So we had to make a box out.   I'll show you more after it is dry walled.
 The other side of the box out.
 Behind this closet door is alllllllll attic.  Lots and lots of attic.  With lots and lots of insulation.
 Had we decided to enlarge this closet, and it was in the original plans, we wouldn't have had to add to it later.  As it were, we had to add a partial wall,  (we- as in Dave!) which was a bit tricky.  We also had to remove the original 2x4's the carpenters installed and add support beams below the floor.  I tried to find that post from a couple of years ago, but couldn't find it.  We had to do it before we enclosed the ceiling on the main level.
 Anyway, Dave loves a challenge and he finished the wall.

I thought I would show you some of the behind the walls stuff that goes on in a home.
Lots of wiring. 
  Lots of plumbing

Also lots of duct work, and insulation.
 This is a space that he made for a cold air return, which will be in the upstairs foyer ceiling.
 And here is the closet now.
 It looks very much like a cozy nook, and I love it!  Dave reinforced the support beams across the top.  He calls that "putting the love into the house."   
 This is from standing inside the closet looking across the foyer.  The bathroom is across from the closet.

 That's it for now.  There is always so much behind the scenes stuff that goes on to building a home.  I know it's a bit boring, but if we didn't need wiring, plumbing, or heat, or support beams it would go a lot faster! 

Have a great weekend!


And PS - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Starting on the Upstairs!

Yes I realize it's been a long while.  Here's the deal.
Dave has had a very rough winter.
He got that cough/flu thing that was going around.
Then it went away...for about two days.
Then it came back.
Then it went away while we were In Florida...
Then it came back with a vengeance.
Two rounds of steroids and two rounds of antibiotics later he's finally healthy again!

And he's started on the upstairs.
Come on up!  The lights are on.
I've helped a little bit with insulation.
 So this is the front bedroom.  There are two bedrooms and a bathroom in the middle of them.
 Back bedroom.
 As you can see, lot's of insulating going on.  But before we insulated, he wired all of the rooms for lights and ceiling fans, and he plumbed the bathroom.
 The ceilings are going to have a slight vault in the bedrooms.
 This front bedroom has a balcony and lots of windows.  I think we'll probably sneak up here to sleep now and then for fun!

 Just a picture of the back bedroom full of insulation!

This room is a closet.  Behind that door is attic.  Most of our upstairs is attic.

 That's all for now....It's exciting to see the walls going up in the closet.  It was actually a very small little linen closet and we decided to blow it out into an upstairs storage closet.  Why not?  There's a LOT of attic space.  Hope to be posting more soon!


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Decorations

Good Evening and Merry Christmas!

It's almost over....15 minutes to go.

Back in November, Dave and I put up outside greenery and bows on our house.  It's the first year we have lived in this house, on the main level, and I was going to do it up right. 
 I knew it would be a lot easier to decorate the outside in nice weather. 
I also knew with every day it didn't snow, we were cheating winter.  That didn't last long!
We also put battery operated candles in our windows.

 And a Christmas tree on our little porch.

When you walk into our house, you enter into the foyer.

 These primitive decorations remind me of the Granny Bee days at the cabin and all of the fun Christmas open houses and ornament extravaganza days we had together.

 Off of the foyer is our kitchen.  The dishes you see here are from my cousin, Gloria.  They were my Grandmother's dishes.  My Mom's Mom.  She gave my sister, my cousin Vickie, and me a place setting this year for Christmas.
 The rest is a hodge podge of deorations that I've collected, made, or received as gifts over the years.
 I just realized I only got close ups of the decorations and no pictures of the furniture that the decorations are on, so I may edit this post later.  But this is on a pie safe in the kitchen.

 And this is on a Hoosier Cabinet.
This is my kitchen island. 
 This little tree is decorated with ornaments handmade by people I know.  Including the Santa.

I love having an array of Christmas mugs and I have used them for the last couple of months.

 This is a little breakfast nook area in our kitchen, which looks out into a nature area with bird feeders.
 This is knitted Christmas bulbs that I made years ago.

If I had to say which room I spent the most time in during the last two months, I couldn't guess.  But I would say I have spent a lot of quiet mornings, and fun times with family and friends in this room.  It's our living/dining room. 
When we went to get our tree I said I was getting the biggest tree I could find that would fit in this room, and I did!  Phew!  You have to remember that we lived in one room in a basement for three and a half years while we built this level of the house.  We moved up here last February, but some of the rooms were still not finished.  We hung the last light, in July, a week before Dave went in for one of two surgeries he had this summer. 
I said I was going to decorate this house for the holidays and I did!  I haven't even seen some of my Christmas stuff for several years.
And while I relaxed in this room, I couldn't take enough pictures.  The beauty of the snow, and the sky, with the tree, was so peaceful.

This is in the dining area of the room.

  I even polished the silver!

Looking from the dining area to the living area and into the den.

For years I have either bought or made a tree and I now have a little woods that I put on our coffee table.

 Remember the Waltons?  That's their home on the bottom left of the picture.  They live in my woods.
 This little truck was an addition this year.
 Taken from the other end looking to the dining area.

Early morning coffee and a book under a quilt on the couch.   

 This tree holds some ornaments I made from the wax from my own bees.  These were leftover from the last ornament extravaganza I was in with the Granny Bees.

 I did a lot of entertaining in this room in the last few weeks which I will be telling you about on my blog "The Bee Lady from Hilltop Farm."

 And now we are in the den.  The place where Dave and I spend our evenings, by the fire, and the TV.  This is a Christmas tree Mom made for me years and years ago.  I've kept it all of these years and am enjoying it again. 

  One of our porches is off of the den.

And our bedroom is off of the den.
We have another cozy fireplace in our bedroom that we've turned on quite a lot in the last month.  It's an electric fireplace that we bought rather inexpensive.  We added the antique mirror above it and we love it.  It's cozy and it has a timer on it that automatically shuts off.  Plus it throws out some heat.

That's it for my Christmas decorations.  I hope you enjoyed them as much as I have this last month.  I will be posting all the fun times this past month on my other blog and hopefully get it all caught up this week.  But for now, I think I'll go snuggle in and enjoy that fireplace.  Good night from our home to yours, and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Cindy & Dave